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  • South Africa

    Detachable Power Supply Cord, 2.5m H05VV-F 3x1.0mm², Plug SABS164/1980, Connector IEC 60320/C13

  • South Africa

    Power Supply Cords, 10A 250Vac, Plugs SABS 164/1980 BS546, ROJ Strip & Twist

  • United Kingdom, Ireland

    AC Power Supply Cords and Cordsets, Non-Detachable and Detachable Versions, Equipped with moulded BS1363/A Fused Angle Plug, Versions with IEC 60320 Appliance Coupler

  • United Kingdom

    Non-Detachable Power Supply Cord, 2.5m H05VV-F 3x1.50mm², BSI, ASTA