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  • Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, China, Europe

    Travel Adaptor, Type D121E, Pins CEE 7/7 (Ø 4mm)

  • Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, China

    Molded Adaptor Plugs, Pins Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 3112, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (2P+E)

  • Denmark, Germany

    Molded PVC Plug Adapters, Danish Pins, German Socket

  • Europe, United Kingdom, India, South Africa

    Travel Plug Adaptor, 250 Volt AC max, Pins "Type E & Type F" (CEE 7/7), Socket "Type M" (BS546 United Kingdom) 16 Amp max

  • Europe

    Molded Adaptor Plugs, Pins CEE 7/7 (France, Belgium, Poland, Germany, etc), 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding

  • France, Belgium, Germany

    Adaptor Plug, Travel Adaptor, France/Belgium Pins, German Schuko Socket

  • Germany, France, Belgium, Italy

    TRAVELPLUG ADAPTOR with SCHUKO-Pins and Italian Socket

  • Germany, France, Belgium

    Adaptor Plug, Travel Adaptor, German Schuko Pins, France/Belgium Socket

  • Germany, USA

    Adaptor Plugs, Pins Germany/France, Socket USA, without Voltage Conversion

  • International

    All-In-One Travel Adaptor for worldwide application

  • International

    Flat Travel Plug Adapters, 2 Pins, Non-Grounding

  • International

    Travel Plug Adapter

  • Italy, Germany, Europe

    Travel Adaptor, Pins Italy 10A (Ø 4.0 mm) or Pins Italy 16A (Ø 5.0 mm), Socket German "SCHUKO", 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (2P+E)

  • Italy

    Molded Adaptor Plugs, Pins Italy CEI 23-16, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding

  • Japan

    Grounding Plug Adapter, Rated Current: 10 Amp, Rated Voltage: 125VAC, Flat Blade 3-Wire to 2-Wire, Pins: NEMA 1-15P/JIS C8303, Socket: NEMA 5-15R

  • Switzerland, USA, Germany, Europe

    Adaptor Plugs, Switzerland (Pins Type 12) to Universal Socket Outlet, Combination: DE 2P+E (CEE 7/4) and North America NEMA 1-15R, 10A fused

  • Switzerland

    Molded Adaptor Plugs, Pins T12 Switzerland CH Type 12 SEV (SN 441011) IEC Type J, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (L+N+PE)

  • USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Europe

    Adapter Plug, Pins North America (NEMA 5-15P or NEMA 6-15P), Receptacle Germany (CEE 7/3, IEC Type F), 2-poles 3-wire grounded (L+N+PE)

  • USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan

    Molded Plug Adapters, Pins NEMA 1-15P, 2-Pole 2-Wire Non-Grounding

  • USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan

    Molded Plug Adapters, Pins NEMA 5-15P, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding

  • USA, Mexico

    Single Tap Plug-In Outlet Adapter, 15A/125V, NEMA 1-15P (Ground Clip) to NEMA 5-15R

  • United Kingdom, Germany, North America

    Adapter Plug, Standard Colors: Black and White, Pins United Kingdom (BS 1363) Fused 13 Amp (BS 1362), 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (2P+E), 250 Volt AC, Universal Socket (e.g. Germany CEE 7/4, North America NEMA 1-15R)

  • United Kingdom, Germany

    Adaptor Plug, Travel Adaptor, German Schuko Pins, BS1363 Socket

  • United Kingdom, South Africa, India

    Molded Adapter Plugs, Pins South Africa SABS 164 (BS 546), 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding, or 2-Pole 2-Wire Non-Grounding

  • United Kingdom

    Adapter Plugs "England" from 2 Pins Ø 5mm to Universal Socket

  • United Kingdom

    Molded Adapter Plugs, Plug pins United Kingdom BS 1363/A, 2-pole 3-wire grounded (2P+E), or 2-pole 2-wire non grounded (2POL)

  • International

    Further products in this section non categorized or grouped.