Selected Informations

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  • Australia, New Zealand

    Detachable Power Supply Cordsets, Plug AS/NZS 3112:2000 (2-Pin and 3-Pin Flat Type I), Connectors IEC 60320, SAA Standard

  • Brazil

    Non-Detachable Power Plug, INMETRO, NBR 14136, 10A/250V, for Class I Equipments, Type YP-04

  • China

    Non-Detachable Mains Plugs, 10A or 16A 250Vac, Class I Equipment Plug No. YP-03 10A and YP-03A 16A, Class II Equipment Plug No. YP-02, Standards GB1002 and GB2099 (CCC)

  • Denmark

    Non-rewirable two-pole IT plug with earthing pin, Tested acc. to DS 60884-2-D1, 10A/250V, For Class I Equipments, Type YP-26

  • Europe

    Power Supply Cords and Cordsets, with Molded Straight Plug CEE 7/VII No. YP-23 (16 Amp, 250 Volt AC) at one End

  • International

    3-Conductor Laptop Power Supply Cords with IEC 60320/C5 Connector

  • Italy

    Straight PVC Molded Power Plug, with partial insolated pins, for use with non-rewirable cords: H05VV-F 3G0.75mm² or 3G1.00mm² and H03VVH2-F 2x0.75mm²

  • Japan

    Power Supply Cordsets, Approvals: PSE JET, Plugs Standard: JIS C8303, IEC 60320 Appliance Connectors, Voltage Rating: 125 Volt AC

  • South Africa

    Power Supply Cords and Cordsets, Plug YP-80 16A (SANS 164-1) IEC Type M, Plug YP-81 6A (SANS 164-3) IEC Type D, 250V AC, SABS

  • USA, Canada

    Detachable Power Supply Cords, 125 Volt AC, Power plug straight NEMA 1-15P (IEC Type A, 2P 2W Non-Grounded L+N) or NEMA 5-15P (IEC Type B, 2P 3W Grounded L+N+PE), 2nd End with IEC 60320 Appliance socket

  • United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong

    Non-Detachable Power Plug, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (2P+E), 13 Amp, 250 Volt AC max, British Standard BS1363/A, For Class I Equipment