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  • Europe, Germany

    Pressurised water impermeable SCHUKO Socket Outlets, Inlet, Plug and Connector, IP 68, 16 Amp max, 250V AC max, according DIN 49442/443 and IEC 60884, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (2P+E)

  • Europe

    Rewirable Portable Connectors, 16A, 250V AC, 2P+E (SCHUKO), 1679 Series

  • Europe

    Rewirable Portable Plug, 16A, 250V AC, 2P+E (SCHUKO), CEE 7/VII (Double Earthing System SCHUKO/France), 1418 Series

  • Germany, Europe

    Surface Mounting Socket Outlets (Receptacles), 16 Amp, 250 Volt AC, Suitable for IP20, According to DIN 49440 (CEE 7/4 "SCHUKO"), Series Includes Versions with 1 to 4 Outlets, Optional Flame-Retardant Base Plates available