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  • Australia, New Zealand

    Snap-In Modular Socket Outlets, 10 Amp and 10/15 Amp, 240 Volts AC, Modular System (45x45)mm

  • Brazil

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, NBR 14136, 10 Amp and 20 Amp, 250 Volts AC

  • China

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 10 and 16 Amp, 250 Volts AC

  • Denmark

    Snap-In Modular Socket Outlets (Standard, Data and Hospital/Medical Version), 13 Amp, 250 Volt AC, Module Face Size (45x45)mm

  • Denmark

    Socket Outlet Modules and Accessories, 13 Amp, 250 Volt AC, DEMKO Certified, for Use with Suitable (45x45)mm Snap-In Devices

  • France, Belgium, Poland

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 16A, 250V AC, Meets NF-BBJ

  • Germany, Europe

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 16A, 250V AC, Meets 2P+E CEE7/3

  • International

    Metalclad Surface Mounting Boxes, Back Box and Covers

  • International

    Modular Blanking Plates, Modules (22.5x45)mm and (45x45)mm

  • International

    Modular Socket Outlets and Accessories, "Snap-N-Service" Series

  • International

    Snap-In Modular Multistandard Receptacles, 250V (5-6-10-13A), 127V (15A), Socket outlets for different international standards: Europlug, USA, Canada, India, China, British Standard, etc.

  • International

    Splashproof Panel Mounting Covers, IP 44, for Clip-In Modular Devices: 2x (22.5x45)mm or 1x (45x45)mm

  • International

    Support Frames clipped directly onto 35 mm Symetrical DIN-Rail

  • International

    Surface Mounting Boxes, Support Frames and Coverplates for use with Modular System (22.5x45)mm or (45x45)mm, Standard Example Configurations

  • International

    Surface Mounting Enclosures IP55, for Snap-in Modular Devices 22.5mm or 45mm or 67.5mm, Light Grey with Transparent Lid

  • International

    Thin Wall Support Frames and Back Box, for 1 Module (22.5x45)mm or 2 Modules Vertical (22.5x45)mm

  • International

    Thin Wall Support Frames and Back Box, for 1 Module (45x45)mm or 2 Modules (22.5x45)mm

  • Israel

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 16 Amp, 250 Volt AC, Meets SI 32 Requirements

  • Italy

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 10/16A, 250V AC, Meets 2P+E Italian Standard

  • South Africa, India, United Kingdom

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, Round Pins (BS 546), 5 Amp. and 15/16 Amp. Versions

  • South America

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 15/16A, 127/250Vac, Meets 2P+E NEMA 5-15R and 2-POL Europlug Socket

  • Switzerland

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 10 Amp, Meets SEV Typ 13 Requirements

  • USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan

    Snap-In Modular Socket Outlets (Receptacles), 15 Amp, 127 Volt AC

  • United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, BS 1363, 13 Amp, 250 Volts AC

  • International

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